Tracey Smith is an accomplished business executive with expertise in branding, marketing, management and strategy. She leverages her passion for performance and experience in the entertainment, licensing and film industries to help Carroll Shelby International build its global businesses. 


She initially studied fine arts in Los Angeles before transferring to Arizona State University for a Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis on written communication, entertainment and business. Ms. Smith also holds a degree in Executive Leadership from the Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University.


Ms. Smith spent her early years as a production artist and art director for some of Hollywood’s biggest studios including ABC, NBC, TLC and Playboy. She eventually joined Propaganda Films, a prolific and successful music video and film production company. There, she developed branding assets and presentations, in addition to working on various elements of film and commercial production.  She worked with many notable directors who launched their careers at the studio.


She left the film industry to join the Electronic Entertainment/New Media groups at Mattel Inc. Harnessing her Hollywood background, Ms. Smith facilitated the development of Mattel’s online entertainment and software games. She was also a key member of the production team that launched, a successful online initiative that cultivated the Hot Wheels Collector Community. The program became highly profitable for Mattel when an e-commerce division was added.


Ms. Smith moved from Mattel’s “New Media” division into the Hot Wheels Marketing Group, where she produced enthusiast events such as the Hot Wheels World Tour. She also expanded grass roots marketing efforts by integrating Mattel’s Hot Wheels brand into events such as the Woodward Dream Cruise and ComicCon.


She additionally cultivated relationships between Mattel and eBay. The relationships resulted in several profitable cross promotional programs including eBay’s first “experience auction”, when a Hot Wheel designer was auctioned as part of a “design experience” tour of Mattel’s famed design center. A subsequent relationship between Sotheby’s and eBay resulted in the auction of a jewel encrusted Matchbox fire truck, which set a record at the time for the highest price paid for a toy on eBay. A firm believer in community programs, Ms. Smith also supported the implementation of the Hot Wheels Exhibit at the Petersen Automotive Museum and Hot Wheels Hall of Fame programs.


In 2006, she joined Carroll Shelby Licensing, Inc. to help develop new business opportunities and increase branding and licensing efforts. She has been instrumental in cultivating new licensing categories and marketing outreach, in addition to expanding upon programs with existing licensees. 


Some highlights for Ms. Smith at Shelby have included working with Electronic Arts on the first car designed in a video game that was subsequently built in real life and a partnership with Restoration Hardware resulted in Carroll Shelby being featured on the cover of eight million holiday catalogs. The Restoration Hardware program resulted in the auction of a one-off Shelby vehicle that benefitted the Carroll Shelby Foundation. According to eBay, the auction was the second most watched charity auction in their history behind Warren Buffett.


Product placement efforts in film and television have included Priceline, Jack-in-the-Box, Armor All, Goodyear, Texaco, “Need for Speed” and “The Getaway.” However, Ms. Smith feels that working with Carroll Shelby personally has been the biggest highlight. 


Ms. Smith was promoted to the parent company, Carroll Shelby International in 2014. Her responsibilities include further expanding upon licensing, branding and media efforts for all of the company’s divisions worldwide. She is also an integral part of the continuing expansion of community programs such as Team Shelby and the new Carroll Shelby Automotive Museum.


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