M. Neil Cummings, Esq. is a 1974 graduate of the University of California at Berkeley and received his law degree in 1977 from Hastings College of the Law. Over the past 37 years Mr. Cummings’ practice as a business advisor and litigator has migrated toward fast cars and fast trains, representing Carroll Shelby of “Shelby Cobra” fame and being a founding Board member of the American Magline Group, a Joint Venture of major American industrial companies dedicated to building the Transrapid™ super speed Maglev train (300+ mph) between Anaheim, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada (in 81 minutes), in partnership with the California-Nevada Super Speed Train Commission.


Neil began practicing law as an associate in the firm of Hardin & Cook in Oakland, CA (representing Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders), before moving to Los Angeles to join the firm of Walker, Wright, Tyler & Ward, where he became a Partner in 1984. Neil gave into his entrepreneurial urges and formed his own law firm, M. Neil Cummings & Associates, PLC (based in Los Angeles) in 1995. Neil was first introduced to Carroll Shelby in 1991 when Carroll was seeking expert legal advice to structure and expand his trademark licensing company (Carroll Shelby Licensing, Inc.) and begin anew building his world famous Shelby Cobra, Shelby GT-350 and Shelby GT-500 vehicles (through the company Carroll first founded in 1962, Shelby American, Inc.). Carroll and Neil worked together (with many others) to build both entities into the successful enterprises they are today, and became close friends and confidants in the process.


Neil currently serves as Co-CEO of Carroll Shelby International, Inc., and CEO of Carroll Shelby Licensing, Inc., which currently has over 150 active licensees producing a wide array of officially licensed Shelby products and merchandise including vehicles, vehicle parts and accessories, diecast model cars, video games, clothing and artwork, as well as overseeing the perpetuation of Carroll’s legacy through independent automobile clubs such as “Team Shelby,” the “Shelby American Automobile Club” and the “Mustang Club of America.” Neil also serves on the Board of Directors of the Carroll Shelby Foundation, formed by Carroll in 1991 as a charity to provide medical and financial assistance to children in need of organ transplants and their families, as well as on the Board of Directors of the Shelby Automotive Museum, a nonprofit entity formed for the purpose of establishing a museum dedicated not only to Carroll Shelby’s life and iconic cars (such as the Shelby Cobra), but also the life and times of the great automotive pioneers who made the “American Muscle Car” what it is today…a symbol of power, creativity and fearlessness.


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